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If you suspect you may have Mice in your property then you have probably either heard scurrying at night above the ceilings, have noticed foodstuff being nibbled, have found small droppings in kitchen cupboards, or you may have actually seen one scurrying across the floor.

Mice tend to be found in your property because of the food source.

Eating just grams a day, mice find their food from a variety of places nibbling here and there, but often from cupboards, spilt pet food or stored food. It is because they eat so little that even a relatively tidy house can unknowingly sustain a small mouse population.

Its for this reason it is often necessary to have a large number of smaller bait points, taking the bait to the mouse, as it were, as opposed to attracting mice to the bait like you would with rats. Ironically, because the mouse is so small and eats so little, that the rodenticide that is used needs to be as potent as possible, as a weak or unsuitable rodenticide simply will not kill mice, and with just one pair of mice producing up to 14 young in just 3 weeks, and those young reaching a breeding age in just 6 weeks, it can really get out of hand very quickly if you dont get a professional in.

Just like rats, mice are constantly gnawing to wear down those front incisor teeth and will happily chew through wires and pipes, causing potential fires or floods.

Mice can transmit diseases like Typhus, Salmonella and even Weil's disease to humans so treatment is always advised, plus, like cockroaches or rats, a mouse infestation in a commercial setting can ruin a businesses reputation.

Exopest Ltd will strive to be at your property within 6 hours of you calling. If we cant make it within this timeframe we will tell you.

Pest Control Northallerton

Pest Control Northallerton

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