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Pest Control Whitby.  Exopest Ltd are here 7 days a week, 365 days a year, providing a full range of pest control and timber treatment services to the Domestic, Commercial and Agricultural sectors. No matter what the pest, Exopest Ltd are ready to professionally deliver the most effective solutions and pride ourselves on being a Fast Response Service because we are based here.

Common pests can include Rats, mice, bed bugs, fleas, wasps and ants, and because Exopest are a local company we offer an extremely fast response for wasp nest removal and wasp nest  treatment  for the Whitby area.

You can choose Exopest Ltd with confidence. We are full and active members of the NPTA, (National pest technicians association), and are on the PROMPT register for Pest Control Excellence which means we are committed to providing a first class service to our customers at all times. This is important as customers straight away know they are getting professionals in who know what they are doing to sort their pest problem out, safely and efficiently.

Having pests in your home does not automatically mean you have a dirty house or business, far from it. An unknown break in the sewer pipe can lead to rats entering your property via the wall cavity, just as a random piece of furniture bought on an online auction site could easily have a bed bug hiding in a crevice, contaminating even the cleanest of houses. Its not your fault.

Exopest Ltd technicians have a wealth of experience and everything needed to pinpoint what your problem is, from drain cameras to find out if you have a break in your sewerage system, to infrared heat cameras to spot pests when they are under cover and invisible to the naked eye.

We aim to be as competitive as possible, balancing doing the absolute best job that can be done whilst making sure our prices are the most competitive in the area, for example at just £50 for wasp nest treatments, we believe Exopest Ltd are the cheapest professional company not just here in Whitby, but most of North Yorkshire,  and we believe are the best professional company for pest control Whitby residents can get.

Professional Woodworm Treatment for the Whitby and North Yorkshire Area

Exopest Ltd continuously and meticuously carry out a very high standard of timber work, be it for woodworm, dry rot or wet rot, and are now, we believe, the only company in the immediate area that are Sovereign Approved contractors solely for timber treatment. Something that we are immensley proud of.

If you are looking to buy or sell a house, and the surveyor has noticed possible signs of wood boring beetle, or if you just think you may have a woodworm problem, please dont hesitate to call. The usual signs for woodworm can include frass (sawdust) under timber, or small holes appearing in wood. These holes are most noticable in floorboards and in attic timber.

Once called, Exopest Ltd will come out to your property in the North Yorkshire area, identify your wood boring beetle, or woodworm, and explain whether we think an insecticidal treatment is needed.

Insecticidal treatment is usually just for the Category A insects which can cause severe structural damage, such as the common furniture beetle or the deathwatch beetle. Once your wood boring beetle is identified, and its felt that insecticidal action is needed, we will then give you a no obligation itemised quote for treatment. If your happy we will arrange a mutually convenient date for treatment to take place.

Exopest Ltd can treat your infected timber and issue Industry approved guarantees for 10 or even 20 years.

Please remember no job is too big or too small. We realise this phrase is said a lot, but Exopest Ltd have treat woodworm in large Churches down to single timber beams, and absolutely everything inbetween.

Local Pest Control for Local Businesses

Exopest Ltd are a local pest control company and are proud of that. We dont pretend to be local and dont pretend to have offices in different areas. Exopest Ltd  was founded in the area just a few years ago, covering the immediate area at first, but, due to providing customers with the absolute best service for pest control Redcar, Saltburn and Whitby residents can get, and all at the most competitive prices, Exopest Ltd have now grown to become the trusted pest control and timber treatment company for not just Whitby but all of Teesside and most of North Yorkshire.

As well as Whitby we cover Middlesbrough, Redcar and Stockton on Tees,  inland towards Northallerton and Thirsk, and  right down through North Yorkshire  to Scarborough and York.

No matter what kind of business you have, call Exopest Ltd today for a FREE survey. We have all manner of companies on the books, from nursing homes and prestige hotels to cafes and clubs. What we believe sets Exopest apart is that we are large enough to take any contract on, but small enough to actually care for the businesses on our books.

Pest Control Cover for homes and businesses 7 days a week

Exopest Ltd are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year for homes and businesses right across the Teesside area, giving you and your company the peace of mind that you have a local company for pest control Saltburn, Redcar and Whitby residents know is just a quick phone call or email away.

When you call Exopest Ltd on 07792 868487, you are ringing a fully qualified pest control technician, not a secretary sat in an office, so the person on the end of the phone knows and understands your problems first hand, and knows how to deal with them. We believe its personal touches like this that put Exopest Ltd first choice for customers.

Wasp Nest Treatment and Removal Service

Exopest Ltd offer a same day service for fast response wasp nest removal in the Whitby area. Our qualified profesionals will come to your home or business and treat your wasp nest safely and professionally, with the minimum of fuss.

At just £50 for wasps nest treatment, we believe this is the lowest price treatment in North Yorkshire from a professional pest control company.

Professional Molecatching service

Exopest Ltd are known to be the leading company in the area for molecatching and mole trapping service for the North Yorkshire area. Our molecatcher is regarded as the best molecatcher in the North of England, and has over 20 years trapping experience in both gardens and in the agricultural sector.

We have a low set price for trapping. Call Exopest on 07792868487 if you think you have a mole issue


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