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Vespula Vulgaris / Vespula Germanica

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Wasps (Common wasps and German wasps) can make large nests which can house thousands,  even tens of  thousands  in roof spaces, attics, and voids in walls. A very large wasp nest at its peak can produce an astounding 200 new wasps every 24 hours so wasps nests are to be taken seriously.

Where a wasp nest is located away from housing or domestic properties, then wasp nest treatment or wasp nest removal should be questioned if it is not absolutely necessary to treat as, believe it or not, wasps can be  beneficial to the garden environment, but wasps nests, especially advanced and mature nests, in and around buildings usually do need treatment.

Actual Wasp nest removal is not necessary a lot of the time, instead the nest and the wasps will usually be treated with an insecticide which will kill everything in a matter of minutes.  The reason for this is taking the nest away can actually cause more problems. If there is enough worker wasps (infertile females) who are out and about when the nest gets removed and come back to find the nest is gone, they may well  decide to build a new one in its place so its often wiser to treat the nest with a dust to totally destroy activity.

Small nests, say golf ball size, can sometimes be treated with DIY products as the workers may not have hatched yet, but any larger and we strongly recommend you getting Exopest Ltd in to deal with your wasp problem, as stings can be painful and irritating generally but it could get a lot more serious if your allergic to wasp stings due to the possibility of anaphylactic shock.

Further down south its usually earlier but the first wasps nests up here in the Redcar and Cleveland area we will start to show signs of activity around June and continue on right through summer into Autumn, and often right into winter. If you think you may have signs of activity in April or May, then it could well be Honey Bee's or Bumble Bee's, not wasps, neither of which are classed as pests and absolutely every effort should be made at the bee's nest relocation before nest destruction or treatment is considered.

If you think you can identify whether you have honey bees or bumble bees then Exopest will relocate Bumble bee's for you as long as they are  accessible, but for Honey Bee's Exopest ask you to contact your local bee-keeping society, who can be found by a quick search on Google.

Exopest Ltd will strive to be at your property the same day as you call to treat your wasp nest and Exopest do NOT charge extra for weekends or Bank Holidays.

We aim to give a professional service at the very best price in the area.At just £75 we are not only cheaper than Redcar and Cleveland Council but you wont have the wait

 Wasp nest removal Redcar