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Vespula Vulgaris / Vespula Germanica

wasp nest treatment middlesbrough
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Wasp Nest Removal in Middlesbrough, Redcar, Stockton, Saltburn.

Wasps can form nests of thousands,  even tens of  thousands  in roof spaces, attics, and voids in walls. A large wasp nest can produce up to 200 new wasps every day at its peak, so wasps are definately more than just a nuisance in the summer months.

Where a wasp nest is located away from housing or domestic properties, then wasp nest treatment or wasp nest removal should be questioned if it is not absolutely necessary as, believe it or not, wasps are beneficial to the garden, but wasps nests, especially advanced and mature nests, in and around buildings usually do need professional treatment.

Actual Wasp nest removal is not always necessary, instead the nest and the wasps themselves will usually be treated with an insecticidal dust which should kill it off in a matter of minutes.

If the wasps nest is small, say golf ball size, then DIY products can sometimes be used, but any larger and we strongly recommend you getting us, or another   professional company in to deal with your wasps nest.

Down in the more Southern counties its usually earlier but the first wasps nests up here in the Middlesbrough/Redcar/Whitby areas start to show signs of activity around June and continue on through the summer and Autumn, often into winter. If you believe you have got signs of activity before June, then it will most probably be Honey Bee's or Bumble Bee's instead, neither of which are classed as pests and efforts should be made at relocation of the nest before nest destruction or nest treatment is even considered.

If you think you can positively identify whether you have honey bees or bumble bees Exopest can happily relocate Bumble bee's for you if the nest is accessible, but for Honey Bee's we would ask you to contact your local bee-keeper or bee-keeping society, who can usually be found by a quick search on Google. If your unsure please give us a ring for a friendly chat. We do not charge extra for weekend and Bank Holiday work.

Exopest Ltd aim to give a professional wasp treatment at the best price in the area AND will strive to be at your property the very same day you call to treat the wasp nest. 

Wasp Nest Removal Redcar | Wasps nest removal middlesbrough

wasp nest removal redcar



wasp nest treatment redcar


Wasps Nest Removal Middlesbrough | Wasp nest removal Redcar