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woodworm treatment north yorkshire
woodworm treatment north yorkshire
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For us at Exopest Ltd, the North east's premier woodworm treatment company, this is a great photo. It shows the damage that woodworm, or wood boring beetle, can do  and how it can go unnoticed. Look at the myriad of tunnels that these woodworm have created over just a couple of years, weakening the timber drastically, yet there is only one hole on the surface. Anyone could be forgiven into thinking that there wasnt much of an issue here just looking at the top of the floorboards.
















Great Ayton






Stamford Bridge

Woodworm treatment  North Yorkshire.

There are a number of wood boring insects, or woodworm,  that attack timber in properties in and around the UK.

Exopest Ltd place them into three different categories

Category A

Category B

Category C

Category A insects are the ones that concern us the most, and usually require insecticidal treatment.

For category B insects an insecticidal treatment may be necessary, if only to treat any associated wood rot. And category C insects often do not require any insecticidal treatment whatsoever. It may simply be a case of  removing the source of dampness and drying out any sound timber.

Up here in the North Yorkshire area the most common Category A wood boring beetles are:

Common Furniture Beetle

Death Watch Beetle

Ptilinus Beetle

Lyctus Powderpost Beetle

There are other Category A insects that can cause severe structural damage, such as the house longhorn beetle, but as yet Exopest Ltd have yet to find any infestations in North Yorkshire, they are predominantly a Southern beetle.

Identification of which Woodworm (the generic term for wood boring beetles) is imperative as treatment can be different, and a mistake in identification could have serious repercussions later or you may not actually need treatment at all.

Geographically, different areas of North Yorkshire have different woodworm problems. Old historical towns such as York, Whitby and Helmsley have a higher ratio of woodworm such as Deathwatch Beetle, but the newer towns and newer builds are predominantly Common Furniture Beetle or Lyctus Powderpost.

Generally, the beetle lays her eggs on the wood and once hatched, the larvae, or woodworm, bury into the wood and can stay in there for several years, weakening timber and causing severe structural problems.

The most common sign of woodworm are the round or oval shaped holes in the wood, anywhere from 1-4 mm across. The holes are sharp and clean looking.

Another sign of woodworm is the bore dust, or frass. This looks like fine sand or sawdust and is caused by the emerging woodworm beetles.

Woodworm can be a major problem if you are buying or selling a property. Exopest Ltd are the areas only Sovereign approved contractors who specifically concentrate on timber treatment only - woodworm, dry rot and wet rot, providing specialist woodworm treatment and timber treatment for both domestic and commercial customers. Operating for woodworm treatment across Teesside North Yorkshire, from Redcar, Whitby and Scarborough along the coast inland to York, we offer immediate customer attention and pride ourselves on being reliable, friendly and professional.

Calling in a non-specialist company  to quickly spray a generic "woodworm killer" around your property is the absolute last thing you should do.

Woodworm treatment needs to be done properly, and done properly by professionals, from preparation of the area, to the actual treatment of the timber itself.

Being Sovereign approved contractors Exopest Ltd can carry out all timber work and can give a high quality industry approved Guarantee for woodworm and timber work done.

The HSE approved woodworm formula we use is universally regarded as the gold standard for all timber treatment in the UK. These specially formulated insecticides will seep deep into the timber and stay there, ensuring comprehensively the eradication of any current woodworm infestation and stopping any future infestation occuring instantly.

Once you have contacted Exopest Ltd regarding woodworm treatment we will send out a timber treatment specialist to primarily identify exactly which insect is causing your problem and to what extent the damage is. Once identified, and a full inspection of the property has taken place we will give you a no-obligation itemised quote for treatment including labour, which  woodworm treatment insecticides we will be using, exactly what and where we will be treating as well as our Industry approved Guarantee.

Most small and standard woodworm jobs are completed within one or two days, large jobs can take several days.

With certain other pests, attempting to treat yourself can sometimes be justified, but with regard to woodworm treatment and timber treatment in general, we strongly advise you getting ourselves or another professional timber treatment company in to treat your woodworm properly.

If you are in the  North Yorkshire area and think you might have a woodworm or timber treatment problem feel free to ring Exopest Ltd on 07792868487 for a chat.


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woodworm treatment north yorkshire
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