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Pest Control in Middlesbrough

Exopest Ltd. Providing a high quality, affordable and friendly Pest Control service in the Middlesbrough, Stockton on Tees, Redcar, Whitby and Saltburn areas.

Pest Control in Middlesbrough

Pest control Redcar and Cleveland | Pest Control Middlesbrough

Having a problem with pests does not automatically mean you have a dirty property, far from it. Rats could access your house from a break in the sewer, your cat or dog could catch fleas and in turn infest the carpets, or that bedroom furniture you bought from the online auction site could well have had a bedbug hiding in it.

It's Not Your Fault !

Here at Exopest Ltd we are here to help with any pest control problems you may have. We cover all general pests like rats, mice, fleas and bedbugs, including those not pictured above.

 * Larder Beetles * Carpet Beetles * Woodlice * Carpet Moths * Biscuit Beetle * Tobacco Beetle*

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Pest Control in Middlesbrough | Pest control Redcar and Cleveland

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