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Exopest  Ltd offer everything from full bird netting of commercial properties and installation of bird spikes on shop fronts to the meshing of solar panels to keep pigeons out.







Professional Bird Proofing when YOU need it

Bird proofing. 

In most cities around the UK pigeons are the most commmon bird pest, and our area is no different but here in North Yorkshire we also have a big nuisance issue with seagulls.


Feral pigeons have adapted to life in cities and towns, feeding on scraps of food in town centres and bird tables in gardens, but they nest under solar panels and in awkward spots, and their guano (pigeon poo), once dried, can be very harmful to humans once inhaled.


Because seagulls are protected, bird proofing is one of the only options available now to deter them from your property. Perching on window frames, balconies, guttering and chimneys, taking positive steps to move a population on is imperative to maintaining a healthy environment at your home or workplace.

Netting is commonly used in the commercial sector to physically stop birds getting in or on sensitive areas. Exopest use professional 75mm polyethylene bird netting for gulls or 50mm netting for pigeons. Available in black, white or stone, this netting is not only very strong, its UV stabilised and can even be flame retardant on request. 

Bird Spikes are often used in towns to move on nuisance birds. Exopest Ltd use a range of different size spikes specifically for nuisance birds. The spikes we use are a high quality stainless steel spikes on a UV stabilised polycarbonate base, meaning they are going to last.

Exopest technicians have a wealth of experience in this sector and can confidently proof off any size property for birds. 

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Exopest technicians were asked by a local association if we could help with pigeons that were roosting and nesting under a canopy in a town centre shopping square and fouling the pavement at the shop entrances. 

We decided the best and most effective course of action was to instal 50mm netting right around the canopy. The work was undertaken quickly, efficiently and most importantly, no pigeons were harmed in the process.

Exopest Ltd was asked by a council in North Yorkshire if they could help with a Grade 2 listed building that had pigeons roosting on the leading edge, causing a build up of pigeon guano on the floor below. Because it was a Grade 2 listed building the council wanted something that was both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Working with the conservation team Exopest technicians installed birdpoint (bird spikes) to the leading edges of the building, moving the pigeons on humanely.

Exopest can sort all aspects of bird proofing out, from traffic management through to the waste disposal.

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Solar panel mesh

Exopest Technicians consistently instal solar panel proofing mesh to panels right across the area in Teesside and North Yorkshire.

We use a very high quality mesh and can also use pvc coated mesh on request too. The installation of solar panel mesh, used in conjunction with specially designed clips not only prevents pigeons from nesting under the panels it means the warranty on your solar panels does not get voided, which can happen if the mesh gets screwed into the framework.


Once completed by our expert technicians you will have 100% protection from pigeons and a long lasting and aesthetically pleasing barrier.

You can choose Exopest Ltd with confidence. We are full and active members of the NPTA, (National pest technicians association), and are on the PROMPT register for Pest Control Excellence which means we are committed to providing a first class service to our customers at all times. This is important as customers straight away know they are getting professionals in who know what they are doing to sort their pest problem out, safely and efficiently. For all things bird related email now.