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Fleas in a domestic property need professional treatment as soon as possible. If they are not dealt with correctly their numbers can rapidly increase. Fleas spend a lot of their time off their host, living in pet bedding, carpets and sofa's, and can be a major problem for homeowners with dogs or cats.

These fleas do not  live on humans but can jump ankle high and their bites can produce a painful and allergic reaction, often the first sign that you may have a problem. You may well get bitten elsewhere if you have a flea infested sofa or bedding. .

Fleas will usually lay up to 50 eggs a day onto the host, more often than not a cat or dog, but the flea eggs invariably fall off, onto carpets and pets bedding before hatching and the larvae then feeding on any protein it can find, even the adult flea faeces.

Adult fleas can live for months without food (blood) and in houses that have been empty for a while will wait until they detect vibrations of movement and can come out to feed en-masse on the new occupants.

At the moment in the UK there is very little to suggest that fleas transmit diseases but their bites, as they feed on the blood of humans or pets, are sore and irritating.

If you believe you have a flea problem and you are in the Redcar, Middlesbrough, Whitby area call today for fast and professional treatment.

We will send you a pre-treatment list for you to prepare the property for our visit. We will also ask you to get your pet treated for fleas, ideally on the same day as your property gets treated.

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