Squirrel control for Redcar, Middlesbrough, Stockton, Saltburn and Whitby areas.

 As cute and fluffy as they might be, the Grey Squirrel is not native to this country and is a major pest. In a domestic setting, the grey squirrel can be extremely destructive, chewing through anything from wires and roofing felt in your attic.


If you are hearing noises in your loft and think there may be a squirrel up there then there is options for you. You can try to proof off where the squirrel is getting in by sealing up the entry hole. You can also trim any overhanging branches down if you can see this is how they are getting into your loft.

After this we would strongly recommend that a professional company like Exopest be used for the actual grey squirrel control.

Amateur squirrel control is usually impractical and sadly it is quite often illegal. We have had customers calling in tears to say they have foul caught a squirrel with a trap bought online and they don't know what to do, or caught one in a live trap and hadn't thought about what to do next, and want to know what to do with it, or should they drown it (which is illegal)

We will usually use live traps or high quality spring traps to catch any grey squirrels that have decided to take up residence in your property, and your visiting Exopest technician will always follow the Spring Traps Approval Order, Wild Mammals (protection) Act 1996 and Animal Welfare Act 2006 to ensure a clean and humane dispatch of any squirrels caught. 


Signs you may have a Squirrel:

Scratching sound in your loft

Droppings found in the loft

Strong smell of urine

Squirrels outside your property



Squirrels are very cute, but the carnage they can cause if they chew through an electric wire in an attic can be deadly. If you think you have a squirrel in your loft call Exopest today