Rats redcar
Rats Middlesbrough

If you need to feed the birds, limit the food to what they will eat. Dont leave down so much that it gets left overnight

Make sure your compost bins are rat proof. Sit them on a layer of mesh to stop rats burrowing underneath to get to the food scraps

Keep an eye on your access chambers (manholes)

Rats will always be in  the sewers, they like it because theres a food source and a nice constant temperature. Any breaks or holes in and around your access chambers need to be sorted straight away to stop a continuous rat run.









Rats in your property can be not only incredibly dangerous but incredibly expensive. Often rats get in through a break in the sewers, but they can get in just as easily through other specific areas, even chewing through plastic airbricks.  If you believe a rat has got into your property, or have seen one in the garden, you need a rat catcher - dont delay, call Exopest straight away for a prompt response.

Once we have eliminated your rat problem we can proof off holes to your house to help prevent any further problems and we can disinfect your rooms from diseases rats may have spread such as weil's disease, e.coli and salmonella.

Often you wont even realise rats are present in your home until you hear scratching coming from the attic, or find stored foodstuff in the kitchen that appears to have been nibbled, moved or has even disappeared.

Rats infest over a million households annually here in the UK and the problem is definately on the increase. Exopest have had roughly a 50% increase in rat call outs this last twelve months

Big towns in our area like Middlesbrough, Redcar and Whitby will always have rat problems, its up to you to make sure that the towns problems dont become yours personally.

Apart from the fact rats have a tendancy to chew through wires, and the huge fire risk implications this brings, rats carry deadly diseases such as Weil's disease and Salmonella, which can be transmitted to the surfaces they walk across via urine

It is always advised to seek help from a professional with regard to rats.We are based here in Redcar and Cleveland so should be able to respond fast to any rat or rodent issue.

If you suspect you may have a rat or rodent problem and are in the Midlesbrough, Redcar, Saltburn or Whitby area call Exopest Ltd right now.

As you can see from the video above. Exopest Ltd technicians use high quality drain cameras to get under the property to see if we can find any breaks in the sewer, a very common problem, especially if you have had a recent extension done.

This property was a standard semi detached and had a rat problem for 3+ years. They had tried other pest companies to no avail then tried Exopest. We immediately put a drain camera to work and found a collapsed drain, and the ingress point of the rats coming into the property.

The green liquid you can see is a drain dye. We use different coloured drain dyes so we can work out where the storm water and brown water is going and if there is any broken drains and subsequent leaks.